Authentic Wine Experience

Fly over one of the most beautiful Southern Italy regions, famous for its coast and its amazing islands. Give yourself the chance to see from an incredible point of view all the beauties that our territory have to offer. You can choose among natural landscape and historical sites. Enjoy fascinating sceneries of Vesuvius Vulcain view. Fly over Capri Island, famous for its Faraglioni and Blu Grotto. Continuing with an overfly on the romantic Amalfi Coast, discovering the luxury beauty of the amazing Positano. An unforgettable and necessary break from the city life. Arrive in the heart of Sannio ,at La Pampa Relais, an environment that combines the rediscovery of the earth and achievement of a desired inner balance.Enjoy tasting the region’s main red grape—the dense and tannic Aglianico a wine that is often referred to as the Barolo of the south. Here, you can enjoy a unique experience, where high quality raw ingredients enhance extraordinary combinations.

Yoga and Nature in Countryhouse

If you are looking for breathtaking views of the …. hillside, a tranquil environment in which to relax and "take it all in", a traditional …. property with beautifully decorated rooms, hiking and cooking classes with the option of adding some yoga classes, look no further! This program features sightseeing to some of the area's most interesting places, hands on cooking classes with an entertaining and professional chef, wine tours and tastings including one led by your gracious English speaking host and a guided hike with a picnic lunch. Choose from a 4 or 7 night itinerary. This tour has it all!

Naples & Surrounding Shopping & Cooking Full Day Tour

Handicraft could be an art, local food and wines might become high gastronomy! This is exactly what happens in Naples, where art and history interweave with popular traditions and Mediterranean colours and tastes. The basic colours of the hand-painted ceramic are the same of our natural environment; red coral is the typical local stone but the armchairs of the San Carlo Theatre are red as well; fish, clams and molluscs represented on the ancient mosaics from Pompei are the same ones we still use to make delicious dishes nowadays; glittering gold is the same used by the earliest goldsmith’s to make the precious mitre of San Gennaro!   And so let’s go shopping and try to take with us back home a piece of Neapolitan history and tradition!  Tour 1 Hand-painted pottery , lemon liqueur and mozzarella   (Sorrento and Amalfi Drive) Tour 2 Wine and fish-farming (Phlaegrean fields)    

    COOKING CLASS – 3 DAYS – Sant’ Agata dei Goti

      Hand-on Activity & Experience “Mani in Pasta” Cooking class   in a Country House and Old Famous Winery in  Sant 'Agata dei Goti: we offer you the opportunity to  become a member of staff directly involved in preparing dishes. Discover the recipes, techniques and secrets to amaze your guests back home. The program includes lunch for 2 days drinks included, wine tasting and visit to the old cellars. The cooking class normally takes about 2/3 hours a day during which the participants are really engaged in the preparation of dishes. Pasta and hors d’oeuvre: Cavatelli (homemade pasta), pizza with fresh cheese and tomato, lemon croquette, crostoni with cheese Sauces: Broccoli and chilly sauce, ‘e scammaro sauce (with tomato and olives),ragù country sauce, vegetable sauce and onion sauce Cakes: Hazelnut cake, jam tart

    La Pampa Relais Country-House

    La Pampa Relais is a  luxury country-house located  in the heart of the ancient region of Sannio Benevento on the slopes of Mount Taburno. This country house is a renovated antique farmhouse and has been redesigned in harmony with the surrounding landscape using natural, non-toxic and original materials. The rooms, each unique in their furnishings and put together with care, have the names of traditional trades such as the Mason, the Farmer, the Blacksmith and the Carpenter. Whereas, the Traveller, and the Painter, the two largest rooms, both have working fireplaces. Facing our large outdoor patio are the open kitchens where you can observe our chefs prepare the daily meals using our own produce and farm-made products. La Pampa Relais and Taste is a project of warmth and sustainable agriculture  in a protected nature reserve. We are an organic farm where what we cook is simple, fresh, authentic and inspired by the principles of Regina Tchelly and her "Favela Organica" in Brazil. La Pampa Relais  offers personalized nutritional counselling with healthy food cooked in a manner that conserves all the properties that nature offers. Horseback riding, excursions on mountain bike, visits to the old oil mill and wine cellars of the local hamlet of Melizzano, open-air exercise classes, and Ayurvedic massage help give a physical and spiritual balance to one's vacation. Guided excursions and trekking inthe nearby Taburno nature reserveincluding edible wild herb huntingare also possible. Selected structure for

    Sirens And The Gods Tour Naples & Surrounding

    An unfogettable week in Naples & Surrounding Area. A new concept for an exciting holiday. HLExperience  creates this unique experience. 7 days all around Naples, Capri,Ischia,Positano and Sant'Agata dei Goti. 7 days to enjoy our wonderful islands by private boat. 7 days to taste our typical local food & wine. 7 days to  discover our  hand-made crafts thanks to a multitude of  artisans who produce all sorts  of high quality  items including hand- made sandals from Capri, Positano or the Amalfi coast. Our mission is to amaze you with a tailor-made tour to experience an unforgettable holiday  in Naples & Surrounding Area.