Archeology Experience Naples & Surrounding Short Tour

The region of Campania has been inhabited since ever and, as a consequence, there are many archaeological areas to be visited, so this category of tours really is very rich. Some of these tours are very well known destinations,, always part of the itineraries, but besides these ones there are many areas, which are not world famous or so much visited. So even the visitor, who has been here already, has the opportunity to see something new but however interesting. This category includes, besides the ruins, the museums where most of the findings are kept, therefore fulfilling the archaeological interest. Tour 1. NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM A brief glance to one of the world’s most important museums, visiting the collection of mosaics, frescoes, silver and glass artifacts found in Pompei. Tour 2. OPLONTIS An elegant roman villa, which belonged to Poppea, Emperor Nero's wife. The villa was buried by the 79 A.D. eruption and it offers an to its visitors an extraordinary example of perfectly preserved frescoes decorations.