Authentic Wine Experience

Fly over one of the most beautiful Southern Italy regions, famous for its coast and its amazing islands. Give yourself the chance to see from an incredible point of view all the beauties that our territory have to offer. You can choose among natural landscape and historical sites. Enjoy fascinating sceneries of Vesuvius Vulcain view. Fly over Capri Island, famous for its Faraglioni and Blu Grotto. Continuing with an overfly on the romantic Amalfi Coast, discovering the luxury beauty of the amazing Positano. An unforgettable and necessary break from the city life. Arrive in the heart of Sannio ,at La Pampa Relais, an environment that combines the rediscovery of the earth and achievement of a desired inner balance.Enjoy tasting the region’s main red grape—the dense and tannic Aglianico a wine that is often referred to as the Barolo of the south. Here, you can enjoy a unique experience, where high quality raw ingredients enhance extraordinary combinations.