Naples History & Art Experience – Short Tour

A city, which has been a capital city for many centuries, of course has monuments, which are the mirror of its past and glory: five castles, five Royal Palaces, pictures’ galleries, hundred of churches and each of these monuments deserves a visit. But not everybody stays in Naples 10 days! This is way this category of tours helps the visitor to choose between museums, Royal Palaces and walks through the old city. Of course the historical information will be accompanied by stories, legends and anectodes, so that the tour never becomes too specific and sciolistic. Tour 1 ROYAL PALACE The official residence of the kings of Naples since 1601 until Unification of Italy. The sumptuous decoration and the numerous “Objets d’art”, are the proof of the importance Naples had as a capital city and of its role as one of the most important royal courts in the Mediterranean. Tour 2 VILLA PIGNATELLI The neo-classical villa was designed in 1826 by Pietro Valente for the illustrious Acton family. Beautiful example of noble residence along the “Riviera di Chiaia”; once the street of the aristocracy and now of the high “bourgoisie” of Naples.    Tour 3 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OLD CITY Visit to the Cathedral with the chapel of the Patron Saint of Napoli, San Gennaro., and San Lorenzo excavations, ruins of the ancient roman city of Naples underneath the first gothic church of the city, example of the stratification of Naples over the centuries. Tour 4 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OLD CITY Starting from piazza del Gesù a brief glance to Santa Chiara church, pantheon of the Anjou of Naples, and to its wonderful cloister, completely covered by hand painted tiles. In the private Sansevero’s family Chapel, temple of masonry and esoterism, you will admire 18th century marble masterpieces, such as the "Veiled Christ".