Naples & Surrounding Shopping & Cooking Full Day Tour

Handicraft could be an art, local food and wines might become high gastronomy! This is exactly what happens in Naples, where art and history interweave with popular traditions and Mediterranean colours and tastes. The basic colours of the hand-painted ceramic are the same of our natural environment; red coral is the typical local stone but the armchairs of the San Carlo Theatre are red as well; fish, clams and molluscs represented on the ancient mosaics from Pompei are the same ones we still use to make delicious dishes nowadays; glittering gold is the same used by the earliest goldsmith’s to make the precious mitre of San Gennaro!   And so let’s go shopping and try to take with us back home a piece of Neapolitan history and tradition!  Tour 1 Hand-painted pottery , lemon liqueur and mozzarella   (Sorrento and Amalfi Drive) Tour 2 Wine and fish-farming (Phlaegrean fields)