Ragu Cooking Class

Great ingredients, passion and love the perfect recipe for delicious food. Learn with our chef the “Ragu ” , discover secrets of our traditional dishes. We offer you the opportunity to become a member of staff directly involved in preparing dishes. Discover the recipes, techniques and secrets to amaze your guests back home. At the end of the course the participants will be able to cook the Ragu “made in Neapolitan style”.

Cooking Class in Florence Hands-on Activity

 “A day in the Kitchen” lesson lasts approximately 3 hours, and can start at 9:30am or 4:30pm depending if you wish to include lunch or dinner. The course is hands on. You will prepare a four course menu, using the best seasonal products and learn making fresh handmade pasta. Wine is also included. After the lesson you will be able to relax and dine with the recipes you prepared. This will be a private course with our excellent chef Giorgio Pinto. To morning courses only, you may decide to add our unique “botteghe walk”. A short shopping walk in one of Florence’s most authentic neighbourhoods, avoiding the tourist packed markets. Together with our Chef you will hunt for produce visiting our small family run butcher, vegetable stall and an unmissable cheese shop , before heading back to the school for your lesson. The course in this case will start at 9am so that no time will be taken from your class.

Naples Shopping & Cooking Experience

  Handicraft could be an art, local food and wines might become high gastronomy! This is exactly what happens in Naples, where art and history interweave with popular traditions and Mediterranean colours and tastes. The basic colours of the hand-painted ceramic are the same of our natural environment; red coral is the typical local stone but the armchairs of the San Carlo Theatre are red as well; fish, clams and molluscs represented on the ancient mosaics from Pompei are the same ones we still use to make delicious dishes nowadays; glittering gold is the same used by the earliest goldsmith’s to make the precious mitre of San Gennaro!   And so let’s go shopping and try to take with us back home a piece of Neapolitan history and tradition!  Tour 1. Ties and leather goods (Chiaia district) Tour 2. Antique jewellery , coral and gold by the weight (Ascione) Tour 3. Mandoline, Neapolitan music instruments and Christmas nativity (Historical centre) Tour 4. Chocolate, taralli and pasta (Historical centre) Tour 5. Mozzarella, lemon liqueur and gnocchi (Sorrento)  

COOKING CLASS – 3 DAYS – Sant’ Agata dei Goti

  Hand-on Activity & Experience “Mani in Pasta” Cooking class   in a Country House and Old Famous Winery in  Sant 'Agata dei Goti: we offer you the opportunity to  become a member of staff directly involved in preparing dishes. Discover the recipes, techniques and secrets to amaze your guests back home. The program includes lunch for 2 days drinks included, wine tasting and visit to the old cellars. The cooking class normally takes about 2/3 hours a day during which the participants are really engaged in the preparation of dishes. Pasta and hors d’oeuvre: Cavatelli (homemade pasta), pizza with fresh cheese and tomato, lemon croquette, crostoni with cheese Sauces: Broccoli and chilly sauce, ‘e scammaro sauce (with tomato and olives),ragù country sauce, vegetable sauce and onion sauce Cakes: Hazelnut cake, jam tart