La Pampa Relais Country-House

La Pampa Relais is a  luxury country-house located  in the heart of the ancient region of Sannio Benevento on the slopes of Mount Taburno. This country house is a renovated antique farmhouse and has been redesigned in harmony with the surrounding landscape using natural, non-toxic and original materials. The rooms, each unique in their furnishings and put together with care, have the names of traditional trades such as the Mason, the Farmer, the Blacksmith and the Carpenter. Whereas, the Traveller, and the Painter, the two largest rooms, both have working fireplaces. Facing our large outdoor patio are the open kitchens where you can observe our chefs prepare the daily meals using our own produce and farm-made products. La Pampa Relais and Taste is a project of warmth and sustainable agriculture  in a protected nature reserve. We are an organic farm where what we cook is simple, fresh, authentic and inspired by the principles of Regina Tchelly and her "Favela Organica" in Brazil. La Pampa Relais  offers personalized nutritional counselling with healthy food cooked in a manner that conserves all the properties that nature offers. Horseback riding, excursions on mountain bike, visits to the old oil mill and wine cellars of the local hamlet of Melizzano, open-air exercise classes, and Ayurvedic massage help give a physical and spiritual balance to one's vacation. Guided excursions and trekking inthe nearby Taburno nature reserveincluding edible wild herb huntingare also possible. Selected structure for