Naples History & Art Experience Full day Tour

A city, which has been a capital city for many centuries, of course has monuments, which are the mirror of its past and glory: five castles, five Royal Palaces, pictures’ galleries, hundred of churches and each of these monuments deserves a visit. But not everybody stays in Naples 10 days! This is way this category of tours helps the visitor to choose between museums, Royal Palaces and walks through the old city. Of course the historical information will be accompanied by stories, legends and anectodes, so that the tour never becomes too specific and sciolistic.  Tour 1 ROYAL PALACES: CASERTA AND CAPODIMONTE The Royal Palace of Caserta, built by will of the Bourbon King Charles III in 1752 is one of the most impressive royal palaces in Italy and the second biggest one of Europe after Versailles.. You will first visit the royal apartments, then see the beautiful park, which stretches on a surface of about 120 ha., with fountains and statues. The Royal Palace of Capodimonte is situated on the top of a hill and surrounded by a wonderful park. It represents a magnificent example of the 18th century architecture. Precious collections of paintings (with masterpieces by Caravaggio, Raffaello, Tiziano, Carracci), porcelains, furniture and objets d'art. The Palace also hosts a gallery of 19th century works of art and the Royal Apartments, with furniture and decorations in different styles and of different ages, the China and majolica collections and the arms museum. Tour 2 THE CASTLES AND THE GATES OF NAPLES AND THE CASTLE OF BAIA A tour through the castles and the gates of the city, which still show us the size of the ancient Greek (Greek walls of piazza Bellini) Neapolis and how it developed over the centuries, with the Anjou and the Aragonese. A tour through the Castles, which tell us history but also stories and legends of the characters, who made Naples a great capital city: Castel dell’Ovo, the New Castle, the Castello del Carmine, Castel Capuano, Castel Sant’Elmo. And then another castle out of the city, the one of Baia, but very both for the architecture and for the materials used for the construction.