Tour for connoisseurs Naples & Surrounding Experience Short Tour

We conceived these tours for those who consider the visit like a discovery, for those who want to live the city and get in touch with the people. Most of these tours are walking tours, with the use of public transportation sometimes. It’s the best way to plunge into the reality, the environment and the mentality of a city. Moreover these tours are also an alternative, another choice for those who have already been in Naples and already visited the traditional and world famous tourist attractions but have not jet enough of this rich and charming area!    Tour 1. BOSCOREALE A small museum about the natural environment  and everyday life of two thousand years ago, thanks to the evidence given by the eruption of the year 79 a.D. and the roman Villas of Stabiae, buried during the eruption of 79 A.D., situated on the slopes of the Sorrento Peninsula. Tour 2. SAN MARTINO CHARTERHOUSE  (by funicular) and Pedamentina (a staircase on the slope of the Vomero hill) and walk through the disctrict of Montesanto, popular narrow streets with picturesque sellers and fish market.     Tour 3. SANITA’ District of Sanità, popular district of Naples on the slopes of the hill of Capodimonte, market square, elegant noble residences and  the natural cavities in the volcanic rock, used as cemeteries and  catacombs.  Tour 4. UNDERGROUND NAPLES and the theatre. The city under the city, a series of rooms, corridors, underground  huge spaces, through the “tuff” the local volcanic stone and all the ruins of the ancient Greek-roman city.  Tour 5. CARAVAGGIO’S ART in the streets of Naples. The work Caravaggio left us in the church of Pio Monte della Misericordia and the influence his art had on the local artists, such as Battistello, Jusepe de Ribera and why his art was the mirror of Naples in the 17th century.  Tour 6. ESOTERISM AND SCIENCE Esoterism and science in Naples in 17th century, through the legends about Raimondo di Sangro and the history of some important scientifical Institutions of one of the most ancient universities of Europe. (Sansevero Chapel, Museum of Anatomy and Paleontology of the University of Naples)  Tour 7. MUSIC AND MUSICIANS A visit through the places connected to music in Naples (San Carlo theatre, San Pietro a Majella music Academy and Girolamini library), and the characters who made Naples “the capital city of music”