Discover the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii and the famous Mount Vesuvius on board of the cars that have marked the history of Italy: the legendary Fiat 500 and Fiat 600! Little jewels of Italian design by engineer Dante Giacosa, Fiat 500 and Fiat 600 are timeless cars, symbol of the economic boom of the '60s. In the summer of 79 A.D. Pompei was entirely covered by a sudden rain of ash and volcanic fallout which came down uninterruptedly and formed a layer of over 3 meters, which crystallized the city, preserving it for centuries. Pompeii Ruins are absolutely incredible and vast. It’s an amazing place, full of history and of the memory of tragic events. It is also fascinating as you find out about some of the aspects of the ancient Romans’ everyday life. This tour to the discovery of historical wonders of the area, of ancient baths, villas, temples, monumental necropolis, is a real time travel, fascinating and surprising. After the visit at the excavations of Pompei, we will reach the Vesuvius National Park, at an altitude of 1000 meters. You will take a walk to the top of the only active volcano in Continental Europe. You will take a walk around the crater, accompanied by a qualified volcanologist guide. You will see the wonders of this place, which was declared “World Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. From the crater, at 1200 meters of altitude, you will enjoy the view of the Gulf of Naples, from Capo Miseno to Punta Campanella The Pompei and Vesuvius Fiat 500 - Fiat 600 Tour includes: 1) Vintage Fiat 500 - Fiat 600 in perfect working conditions 2) Private driver 3) Private authorized tour guide expert in Pompeian Era 4) Pick up and drop-off at the hotel/where the customer wishes in Naples 5) Entry tickets: Pompei Ruins, Vesuvio 6) Coffee break with a taste of some Neapolitan cakes in an exclusive Grand Cafè in Pompei 7) A typical Neapolitan hand made gift (1 per person; 1 per couple) Duration: 6 hours about Morning Tour: 9:00 am - 3.00 pm Afternoon Tour: 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Archeology Experience Naples & Surrounding Half day Tour

  The region of Campania has been inhabited since ever and, as a consequence, there are many archaeological areas to be visited, so this category of tours really is very rich. Some of these tours are very well known destinations,, always part of the itineraries, but besides these ones there are many areas, which are not world famous or so much visited. So even the visitor, who has been here already, has the opportunity to see something new but however interesting. This category includes, besides the ruins, the museums where most of the findings are kept, therefore fulfilling the archaeological interest. Tour 1  POMPEI During the eruption of 79 A.d. Pompei was not destroyed but just "sealed off" by volcanic materials, its preservation is unique in the world. When you visit Pompei, you literally travel back to the past. Streets, shops, villas, baths are all intact, with still bright frescoes and mosaics. In this tour, you will admire the Forum area with its public buildings, the temples, the market place, the spas, the villas of rich Roman merchants.  Tour 2 PHLAEGREN FIELDS The northern extremity of the bay of Naples, also known as the bay of Pozzuoli, is a mixture of landscape, history and archaeology. During the tour you’ll visit the ruins of Cuma, the first greek colony of the Mediterranean; Pozzuoli, which became during the Roman Empire, one of the richest ports of the Empire; and the Solfatara, an impressive example of a resting volcano, with bubbling mud and fumerolles, a moon-like scenary..