Flying on the Divine Coast

Fly over one of the most beautiful Southern Italy regions, famous for its coast and its amazing islands. Give yourself the chance to see from an incredible point of view all the beauties that our territory have to offer. You can choose among natural landscape and historical sites. Enjoy fascinating sceneries of Vesuvius Vulcain view. Fly over Capri Island, famous for its Faraglioni and Blu Grotto. Continuing with an overfly on the romantic Amalfi Coast, discovering the luxury beauty of the amazing Positano. An unforgettable and necessary break from the city life. Arrive in Ravello at Villa Cimbrone ,here, you can enjoy a unique experience, where high quality raw ingredients enhance extraordinary combinations. A Mediterranea Tasting at Michelin ***** restaurant, where the understanding of Italian culture will come through an organic diving experience. Backing with a suggestive fly over the most famous historical site of Pompei and Ercolano.

Luxury Lake Italy

Embark on an unexpected journey among ancient flavours and unique scents, while being spoiled by the undiscovered gem of Italian Alps. Passing through Como Lake a long alpine Valley blossoms with seductive views marked by a strong presence of apple orchards and terrace vineyards. Enjoy magnificent alpine landscapes flying over one of the highest ranges: The Bernina. Land on top of the Bitto Valley, and savour one of the world five more expensive cheeses, on a private guided tasting in an authentic cellar, while enjoying a glass of Valtellina’s handcrafted Nebiollo grape wine, the powerful Sforzato. Continue with a unique Valtellina’s dining experience, where high quality raw ingredients enhance extraordinary combinations. Lago-Como-1 Taste flavourful buckwheat based dishes in scenic establishments, where the understanding of Italian culture will come through an organic diving experience.

Mountain Refuge Experience

Flying over central alpine summits is without a doubt an extraordinary experience not only to mountain lovers but also to photography aficionados. The massive knitting mills of the Rhaetian Alps, the famous Bernina range with its peaks that are the epitome of majesty: Piz Bernina (4,049 m), Piz Rosegg (3,936 m) Piz Palu (3,906 m). Embark on a breathtaking day tour between Switzerland and Italy, including spectacular views of St. Moritz, the most prestigious mountain village in the world, the imposing Badile (3,308 m), an obligatory destination for mountaineers, and Mount Disgrazia (3,678 m), which forms the watershed between the Valmalenco and Val Masino. The tour includes a dining stop in the famous Rifugio Marinelli Bombardieri, also know as Scerscen Refuge from the valley in which it is located. At the height of 2,813 meters, the refuge was built in 1880 and it is one of the first constructions in the Rhaetian Alps. Here, a stunningly beautiful amphitheater, marks the starting point of the “The Magnificent 4,000 Climbs”: Piz Bernina, Piz Rosegg and Peak Marinelli.

Relais & Gourmet*****

Near the rich city of Parma the Pallavicina Court spreads a wide range of Italian culinary specialties, from its world recognized culatello, a “Slow Food Presidium”, to its innovative dishes, all in the most strictly of quality standards. With all the comforts and attention to detail, yet modern in style, the Court goes beyond the imaginable. Its restaurant is a real “Gourmet Workshop”. lead by the Michelin starred Chef Massimo Spigaroli, our guest can find exclusive creations, all design to suit their needs. Private dinning parties can be arrange in its magnificent red room, and during summer guest can enjoy the “chef in a basket”, a bike ride that will let to an unforgettable picnic. In addition, Hlexperience guest will delight themselves with an Italian aperitivo inside the famous culatello cellars, the royalty of the cold cuts.

Wellness & Spa Bormio

  The length of the stay should not inhibit one well-being desires, the best Italian Spas are a helicopter flight away. Resonating with the ambiance of a European wellness retreat, our spa selection delivers tranquility in many forms. Whether it is for a stressmelting treatment, a skin nourishing experience, a toxin-cleansing shower, a relaxing bath upon thermal water or perhaps a special treatment customized exclusively for your individual needs, Hlexperience partners go beyond the call of duty with highly skilled spa therapists prepared to expertly guide our guests to the discovery of new total personal wellness solutions. Start a journey to health and wholeness with our spa partners, rooted in classical spa therapies as well as an innovative, therapeutically approach to proactive healing.

Authentic Experience Venice

A cluster of island in the Venetian Lagoon and the Dolomites mountains on the horizon, form a marvellous mosaic when seen from above. Venice is one of the most unusual cities in the world: narrow and motor vehicle-free streets, countless bridges, boat crowed canals and ancient history. But yet modern and filled with elegance, it features infinite possibilities. After an helicopter city sightseeing, wonder around the lido and pamper with a culture immersion and a shopping day, and end on a high note with a venetian aperitivo, all with an exclusive assistant to fulfil every possible need. Offering the most spectacular helicopter sightseeing of the Venetian Lido and surrounding islands, with unparalleled views of the canals merging at the sea, a solar walk through the canal and a variety of dining places, Hlexperience  promises that a regular afternoon will become a once in a lifetime experience.

Exclusive Aperitiv on Air

  Be embraced by Lombardy basins in a ride that will arouse hidden emotions. Fly over one of the most beautiful northern Italy regions, famous for its lakes and its amazing gardens. Enjoy fascinating sceneries of Maggiore and d’Orta lakes, an artistic heritage territory known by the aristocracy as Europe’s Garden, while flying over stunning Borromee Islands: Madre Island, the biggest and known worldwide for its astonishing botanical gardens. Bella Island, famous for its parks, a ten overlapping terraces Italian style garden, decorated with fountains and classical statues. And Pescatori Island, the first inhabited one. Continuing with an overfly of the most romantic Italian lake, d’Orta, a haunt of artists and writers, portray even in Balzac work, where right at the centre the mysterious San Giulio Island rises a little piece of land, where according to the legend Saint Giulio defeated dragons and snakes. Admire the IV century San Giulio Basilica, the only construction on the island, transformed into an abbey which houses a community of Benedictine nuns. Ending on a high note with an aperitivo at the top of Mottarone, while enjoying 1500 meter high 360º breath-taking views from the Maritime Alps to the Mount Rose, passing through Po Valley and all six lakes. An unforgettable and necessary break from the city life.

3-Day Florence & Tuscany Ferrari Tour Private jet & Ferrari / 6 persons

Departure from Paris, London - Arrival in Florence A New Travel Concept In Holiday & In Luxury Experience offers a new travel concept; an innovative approach to the self-drive tour offering absolute luxury combined with the ultimate Gran Turismo experience. HLExperience  tours are unique journeys, individually created to enable our guests to fully experience the Italian Way of Life. Each tour is a sublime blend of art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy and spectacular scenery. Our guests will feel part of a real Ferrari team, enjoying the opportunity to personally drive the very latest models. Travelling for approximately one thousand kilometres, accelerating through the steep, winding roads of Tuscany, along the route of the legendary Mille Miglia race, putting their driving skills to the ultimate test. Behind the scenes, HLE staff take complete care of the Ferraris. Our guests will find their car, clean and polished, refuelled and fully checked, ready to begin another day of exciting driving through further dazzling landscapes.