About us

In Holiday & In Luxury Experience D.M.C. is a small team of dynamic and talented professionals of the tourism industry.

The founder is boast over ten years’ experience in Tour Operator, Inbound and Outbound tourism, Incentive and an extensive network of leading service providers.

Our Experience is based on direct and knowledge in-depth of destinations and tourism products that fascinate visitors to Italy.

Our mission is to experience you a tailor-made travel living an unforgettable holiday, tour, excursion in Italy.

Experiential Tourism is a new way of interpreting the travel industry and is all about “how” as well as “where”. It offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences, where everything is authentic, true and unique: the places you stay, the food you eat, the people you meet, the stories you hear. Storytelling is the ability to tell meaningful stories that have a profound emotional impact on the listener.

A well-planned tourism experience can even transform a person’s point of view, enriching his or her personality and sense of awareness.

Breathing life” is an invitation to everyone to breathe life with us. Truly.

We are able to offer unique tourism experiences thanks to a network of professional guides-facilitators, ready to support visitors along an experiential journey that will engage their senses and open their soul.

An experience can last for a weekend, a month or a year; what counts is participating actively, looking to learn, and being able to appreciate everything that happens.

If you live here and now, life can be different.